Monday, August 31, 2009

Blogs: Crafty Crow does it again!

I love checking out the crafts that Cassi at Crafty Crow pulls together ... there are always really fun and beautiful things to get the creative juices flowing. On Mondays, she always has a giveaway ... and today's is really great -- readers can win a $75 gift certificate to CWD, a kids' clothing catalog. I love CWD stuff and even if I don't win the gift certificate, may have to do some early Christmas shopping.

Check out her blog and join the contest ... even if you don't win, I'm betting you'll find some cool and amazingly creative things to do with your kids.

Blogs: kind of fun ...

... seeing my name mentioned in someone else's blog .... John's kids do amazing art work, don't they?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Blogs: Wee Folks home-style

The wonderful mom at WeeFolk Art has updated her homeschool blog to reflect their creative activities during their education times .... check it out at WeeFolk Activities ... great ideas for crafting and creating with kids and learning all at the same time! Wonderful stuff!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Blogs: mention of In His Image ...

a dear friend and his family have been reading through In His Image and have taken it to heart ... he'll be posting different creativity projects every Sunday. This week's art is by his THREE-YEAR-OLD daughter ... I wish I could do that well!

John and his dear wife have been nurturing creativity since they got married a almost 20 years ago and I'm proud to have even a small part in the their continued creativity journey!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blogs: how to make a painting easel

Well, this isn't really a blog ... it's from Lowe's online "Creative Ideas for Home and Garden". There are complete, online, and FREE directions for making a sturdy two-sided easel -- paint/paper on one side and chalkboard on the other.

The directions are easy to follow and include great graphics and a shopping list of supply-needs so you don't forget anything! Many of the easels you purchase just have a shelf; on this design, the "pockets" at the bottom of each side are actually large enough to hold things.

The original shown is just plain, natural wood -- which looks great. But you and your kids could really have a great time decorating it up and personalizing it. Also, if you change the design slightly, you could make legs that adjust to allow the easel to "grow" with your child ... or make it a family easel for everyone!

One of the things that caught my eye with this particular item is Lowe's tag-line: "inspire your budding artist's creative side with an art easel. It's the perfect art station for big imaginations." This is EXACTLY what "nurturing creativity" is trying to do.

Let me know if you've ever done this project ... and send pictures too, if you'd like!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blogs: homemade soccer game set

HT: Cassi at Crafty Crow for linking to this amazingly clever idea from A Bit of This and a Bit of That ... a homemade soccer game!

How cool would this be for an older sibling to make for a younger one for his birthday ... you could even make it football or basketball by simply changing the field and "uniforms"!

I love this one ... now if I can just find one of my older kids to "volunteer" to make it for my youngest son for his birthday, we'll be good to go!

Jojo, the designer of this brilliant idea is a Montessori mom, living in Japan ... check out her blog for other really creative ideas!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blogs: simple yet elegant art basket

Wee Folk Art created this gorgeous take-along craft basket -- from an inexpensive basket and the ubiquitous toilet paper tubes. Go check it out, it is wonderful. I love the idea of wrapping the tubes to match the basket -- you could even use colored paper-twist to match or coordinate ... and different length tubes could be used for long-handled scissors, knitting needles or paint brushes!

Let your mind's and hands go wild with this one ... it really is a creative idea that can be used in so many ways! Thank you Wee Folk Art!

BTW, while you're over looking at the basket, stay and browse awhile thru their crafts -- done by a homeschooling mom and grandma who love crafting with kids ... Wee Folk Art has some grand ideas for nurturing creativity in the heart of your home!