Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Resources: great books on non-knitting fiber crafts

Books on other fiber crafts:
  1. Busch, Marlies (et alia) – Friendship Bands: Braiding, Weaving, Knotting – Sterling Publishing (New York). 1996. A great way to practice knotting or weaving or beading is to start with small projects. The projects in this book are perfect for color-practice as well as building proficiency with weaving and braiding and macramé. Excellent for use with a group because most of the projects can easily be finished in an hour or so.
  2. Gentry, Jim – Macrame: 20 Great Projects to Knot – Lark Books (New York). 2006. When you’re ready to go beyond friendship bracelets or lanyards, this book is ready to go with you. The projects include: coasters, pillow tops, eyeglass case and a pet leash. These are things you’d actually make and use – and you can take the techniques and easily expand to other projects.
  3. Patrick, Jane – Time to Weave: Simply elegant projects to make in almost no time – Interweave Press (Loveland, CO). 2006. You or your kids want to try weaving? This book is a must for you then. Including projects with weaving cork pieces, rubber mats and even paper bags, this book will teach you the fine art of weaving and making practical and beautiful items for the home. I’m very impressed with this book – the directions and projects are relatively easy but the final results are glorious. One thing I particularly like about Interweave Press books is that their authors go beyond the “recipe” and give suggestions for making your own creations. Check out this book – I think you’ll really like it.
  4. Swett, Sarah – Kids Weaving – STC Craft (New York). 2005. This is the best book I’ve found for teaching weaving. It starts out with paper weaving and then goes on to using a cardboard loom and then a “pipe loom”! How cool is this? The projects range from weaving a wall for a fairy garden to friendship bracelets to making coasters and rugs – and all from looms you can make yourself. This should nurture creativity in any home!

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