Monday, July 27, 2009

Blogs: Curriculum planning gets creative!

I just saw this on Serendipity's blog and I'm so excited to begin gathering these resources for String Bean's curriculum for next year.

Seems the VERY creative minds of Elizabeth Foss and Jennifer Mackintosh have merged to create a curriculum (with all but math -- easy to add) for girls at the bend in the road, girls who are between 11 and 15 where they begin to blossom like a flower in the garden. A Fascination of Its Own: Literature for the Young Lady at the Bend in the Road goes beyond most curriculum plans and is specifically for Catholic girls.

And flowers, gardening and creativity play a LARGE role in the curriculum plans ... something right up String Bean's "alley". I love that this curriculum is written by two amazing Catholic women for their own girls ... I love that they've shared their work with others at no cost ... I love that it is a fully integrated, Catholic program that has the girls loving, learning and living their faith and their subjects ... I love these plans.

Head on over to Serendipity and check it out ... you'll love the creativity that went into all the plans, with promises of more to come!

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